Sophie Turner

Social Health Advocate and Communications Coach




Sophie’s passion is to empower people to freely be themselves through the work they do, the people they lead, and the lives they experience.   After leaving a 20+ year career in the marketing and communications industry, Sophie went in search of purposeful work that would amplify her dedication to inner knowledge, transformation and her passion for playing big, in meaningful ways.

Sophie Turner has been developing products, brands, and people for over 20 years across various industries and continents. She is an Executive Leadership Coach, Brand & Marketing expert, Business Mentor, Consultant, and Facilitator/Trainer.  She currently works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and groups who are on a mission for change in their worlds to be in greater alignment with living and creating from their truths.  She previously held senior position in F500 organizations including NIKE, American Express, and Habitat for Humanity, creating consumer and client loyalty, new product constructs, brand and value proposition development. She has led relationship management, communications, marketing, and merchant development teams locally and internationally including collaborating with top tier global advertising agencies and globally recognized loyalty programs including MasterCard, Membership Rewards, and Air Miles.

You + Impact: What does the word "impact" mean for you?

Creating space and place for others to lean in to, when they cannot see it, feel, it or imagine that to be possible. One unique way I do this is blend pop culture with coaching and facilitation skills of metaphors and/or visualizations. I bring to life a character, a scene, or story line from iconic films (i.e. Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings) or shows that clients can relate to and can use as crew members (situational strategies) for future situations. This invites in playfulness into areas where people are stretching into.

You + Aliveness: What makes you feel most alive? 

A sense of community, giving back, self-acceptance and deep belly laughs. The list can go on! I feel most alive when I experience these, and more importantly, when my clients do - especially when any one of these sneaks up on them! It's so important to have such experiences feel like second nature so that taking future steps don't feel as overwhelming or daunting.