Andy Stoll

serial social entrepreneur, producer and teacher


Andy Stoll is a serial social entrepreneur, producer and teacher, who has spent most of the last decade working to build program and systems to support the next wave of creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators. He most recently co-founded Seed Here Studio, a boutique creative agency that specializes in building innovation ecosystems in unexpected places. His portfolio of work includes projects in collaboration with AOL Founder Steve Case, Microsoft Founder Paul Allen, and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

Andy is a sought after speaker on leadership, creativity, cities, entrepreneurship and travel, and he speaks regularly to innovation conferences, entrepreneurial groups and at numerous universities. Andy has been a featured speaker at SXSW, The Startup America Partnership, TechStars, and numerous TEDx events.

Andy holds a BA in film production and a BBA in Business Management from The University of Iowa, as well as a Masters Degree in Media Cultures from The City University of Hong Kong. He is an adjunct faculty member at Cornell College in the Department of Economics and Business, where he teaches an intense, project-based, problem-centered, experiential course on entrepreneurship and making ideas happen. Andy recently completed a 4-year, 40-country solo trip-around-the-world, and moonlights as a photographer, sometimes chef and occasional cooking class instructor.

You + Impact: What does the word "impact" mean for you?

Impact to me is making a change. And the change I try to leave is making everything I touch a little better off then when I found it.

You + Aliveness: What makes you feel most alive? 

Helping other people come alive, makes me feel most alive.